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06-03-21 Full Body "Dynamic Mobility" Pilates Class

Move, Flow and feel into tight muscles and joints in the energising Pilates Class. Fire up your core and wrap up your session with a lower body strengthening sequence with weights.

02-03-21 Full Body Pilates Strong

Enjoy a morning class filled with hip mobility, chair core and finishing with a barre strong closing sequence.

27-02-21 Full Body Chair Flow

Enjoy a full body session filled with hip mobility, deep core work and a new barre sequence to fire up those glutes and hamstrings.

23-02-21 Mobility Mobility Mobility - Happy Hips Pilates Class

This class is for anyone who wants to open, mobilise and strengthen the hips. We also fire the core and finish the class with standing chair mobility!

20-02-21 Fully Body Pilates Chair Class

Enjoy this spine mobilising, pelvic floor activating, adductor firing Pilates Class. Expect shakey legs and deep lower back stretch after this class!

16-02-21 Full Body Pilates Class

We open this session with a series of lower back and hamstrings stretches to really mobilise and decompress tight bodies. We then move into deep core work followed by standing adductor muscles activation. Enjoy and feels the Pilates shakes in the legs!

13-02-21 Full Body Barre Strong

Enjoy the blend of lower back stretching, hip mobility, deep pelvic floor activation and Barre!Its a super stretchy and strong session!

09-02-21 Full Body Chair Pilates Class

This class begins with shoulder mobility drills, deep abdominals and obliques, followed by a standing glute and hamstrings chair flow.

06-02-21 Full Body Pilates Flow

Enjoy this 60 minute class where we will mobilise the head and shoulders, activate the core and engage the glutes in a full body flow.

02-01-21 Morning mobility, Barre and Core

Enjoy this class which brings you through hipand spine mobility, core activation and finishing up with mobilising standing barre sequences.

31-01-21 Reset and Restore Workshop

Bring your cosiest jumper, wooly sock, a pen and paper and enjoy a relaxing, decompressing and uber chilled 90 minute workshop with myself and a very noisey Meowsles.

19-01-21 Full Body Pilates Class - Focus on shoulders, calves and glutes

This class is great for conditioning the rotator cuff, mobilising the shoulders and activating the glutes and calves. Enjoy!

16-01-20 - Full Body Pilates Strenght & Conditioning + Mobility

"Enjoy" ūüėČ this hour long session where you will mobilise the hips and shoulders, feel a deep oblique burn and work those glutes in a Pilates flow finisher.

12-01-21 Healthy Happy Hips, Obliques and Glutes

Enjoy a new mobility sequence for the hips, and obliques and waistline burn in today's class. Rounded off with a core blitz!

09-01-21 - Fully Body Pilates Workout

Work your hip mobility, fire up your core and enjoy a strong standing Pilates flow!

04-01-2021 Fully Body Pilates Workout

Enjoy the blend of hip mobility, Core, dynamic flow and a few planks in the mix.

Resistance Band/ Belt Class for healthy mobile hips, Glutes & Core

The perfect class to get deep into the hips, decompress, mobilise and release tight muscles and joint. Enjoy a deep core burn and fire up those glutes in this 60 minute class

29-12-20 Full Body detoxifying Flow

Activate your core, fire up those glutes and finish your session with a full body detoxifying flow. Feel re-energised and rejuvenated and ready for your day.

22-12-20 Full Body Pilates Blitz + Weights

This class is full of hip mobility, core, arms, glutes and finishing with a strong flow.

19-12-20 Pilates chair class, Glutes, Core, and more feat. Meowsles.

Full body class, great for hip and shoulder mobility, core activation and glute strengthening

15-12-20 Pilates for hip mobility, Core activation and a deep glute blast.

This class is great for tight hips and back, runners and if you want to fire up your core!

Full Body Strong Pilates Class

+ Weights

Full Body Strong Pilates Class

Great for runners & Cyclists
Strengthen, mobilise and flow

Full Body Pilates Class

 Great For Runners/Cyclists
Focusing on hip Mobility, Core work and finishing with a Flow

Core Pilates Class

 Great class for Runners & Cyclists
+ Using block for mobility work

Pilates Full Body Strong

Obliques, Core & More

Hip Opening Pilates Class

Using the Block for core balance

Barre Blitz

 Chair, Core & Meowsles

Pilates Hip & Shoulder Mobility Class

Great for runners and cyclists

Full Body Chair Blitz & Mobility

for tight necks & Shoulders

Full Body Pilates Blitz & Shoulder Mobility

Pilates Chair Class

Shoulder openers, Core and Legs

Body Pilates Slider/Sock Blitz

Great for Runners & Cyclists

Full Body Pilates Blitz


Pilates - Chair Core

Great class for tight hips, with focus on hip mobility

Barre Blitz

Pilates, Core, Mobility & Meowsles

Barre Blitz

Core, Mobility and more