Thirty30 Slider Sculpt Series - WEEK 1

Slider workout 30/30 – Day 1

- This 30 day month long series will dramatically transform your body and your practice in only thirty minutes a day. You will challenge yourself everyday on the mat using the core sliders, and build up an incredible Pilates routine. You will move between high intensity and low moves on the sliders, and be guided through dynamic stretches and sequences. Set the thirty minutes aside for you and your training, to set your slider workout goals, and see results week after week. After the 30Thirty Slider sculpt you will feel stronger,  more aligned, and more confident with your practice on the mat.

In this series you will:

  • Challenge and Build your strength and endurance
  • Condition your core muscles
  • Learn proper form and slider training technique
  • Stretch, lengthen and mobilise the body

Lesson Intro Video

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