Reset and Restore Worksop

Reset and Restore Worksop

Reset and Restore Worksop

The focus of this workshop will be to move and deepen our Pilates practice with gentle movements, deep stretches and twists that will unblock stiffness and that "stuck" feeling in the body and boost energy levels, after the winter months.

We will work on different Myofascial release techniques to stretch, release and decompress the body. After our 50 minutes of movement we will bring our focus to the manifestation technique of visualisation to set our intentions for the year ahead.

Then we will then ease ourselves into a relaxing yoga Nidra (this will help float to sleep on Sunday night) so you will leave rejuvenated, focused and ready to start February on a positive note. This workshop is suitable for all levels.

What you will need for this workshop:

- A pen and paper

- 2 cushions/pillow

- a blankets

Course Intro Video