The Mobility ToolKit

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The Mobility ToolKit


About The Program

Resistance band/Belt

This Mobility series is all about:

  • Robustness 
  • Improving performance
  • Increasing range of motion 
  • Injury Prevention
  • Reduce Stiffness and tightness in the Joints

Suitable for:

Runners + Cyclists + rowers ++++
Athletes ( GAA players, Rugby players ++++)
People who want to improve their joint health, performance and reduce stiffness

After 8 + years of training athletes and every type of mover it is time to release the mobility Toolkit. The CoreState Mobility Toolkit features shorter classes to focus on the specific areas you want to work, with the time you have. We know that you do not always have the time for a full session, so we have curated this series to hit the most popular areas that you want to focus on warm-ups, recovery, core and more. Whether you want to mobilise your hips in under 15  minutes, or add a recovery session to your rest  then this is the series for you.

Areas of Mobility Focus

Hip Mobility
Shoulder mobility
Hamstrings + Quads
Adductors/ Groin
Wrists + Elbows
Spine Articulation

This ultimate athletes toolkit  is broken down into categories and is all about consistency. Stick to your programming and you will see and feel the results you need in your performance.
Always remember that everybody is an athlete. 

Tool Kit of Classes includes:

15 minute Warms Ups - Pitch Prime/Pre-Run/Pre-Cycle/Pre Strength Training

2 x 15 minute Warm-ups ( Pitch Prime/ Pre-Run/ Pre-Training)
Daily Morning Mobility Routine ( Perfect for once you hop out of bed)

15 Minute Recovery Session -  Rest Day/ Post Run/ Post Pitch/ Post Training
1 x 15 Minute Recovery ( Post Pitch/Post Run/Post Training/ Rest Day)

Core Strengthening, Stability + Activation Sessions   ( 1 x session a week)
10 Minutes - Abs Blast
30 Minute - Resistance Band workout (Build Mobility + Strength )
30 Minute Beginners New to Pilates -  Core Activation Class
40 Minute Intermediate Core Activation Class

Resistance Band Strength + Mobility ( 1 x session a week)
40 Minute Hip Mobility Masterclass ( Once a week for ultimate mobility results)
40 Minute Shoulder, Neck Mobility Masterclass (Once a week for best results)

Mobility Masterclasses ( 2 Masterclasses x a week )

Head Neck & Shoulders Masterclass
Hip Mobility Masterclass



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