The Hip Mobility Masterclass

The Hip Mobility Masterclass online

The Hip Mobility Masterclass


About The Program

The ultimate masterclass for athletes suitable for runners, cyclists, GAA players, weight lifters and anyone with tight hips.

Due to demand the Hip Mobility masterclass is here. Boost your performance and improve your recovery with this hip mobility masterclass. This targeted class will help you to mobilise, stretch and strengthen your hips and increase your range of motion. 

Whether you spend your time on the field, on a run, cycling, in the gym, or have to spend too many hours at your desk working from home, add this class to your routine to help you perform at your highest level. You will really notice and feel the difference in your body and your performance.

In this class you will:

- Improve your joint health and range of motion

- Elevate your athletic performance

- Prevent injury 

- Optimise your recovery time

- Loosen up and rejuvenate tight hips



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