CoreState Level Up – Weights Series

CoreState Level Up – Weights Series online

CoreState Level Up – Weights Series


About The Program

Elevate your strength and full-body fitness with the CoreState "Level Up" series. This series is a collection of targeted strength, mobility, and core workouts guaranteed to take your fitness to the next level. In this series the warm-ups will be short and effective, we will keep the rest short and intensity high while building strength and conditioning with weights. This type of training is the most effective way to get in shape, build strength, condition the body, and fire up your metabolism to keep you burning more energy, even at rest. Even when you
are not working out, your metabolism is functioning at its most optimum capacity for your body. From strength supersets to cardio blasts to core sequences, these classes will push you to your limit and really help to level up your practice. Be prepared to feel like the fittest and strongest version of yourself. Throw on your favorite playlist and let's get moving.

In this series, you will:

  • Build lean muscle, tone up and increase your endurance levels
  • Improve your balance, stability and mobility
  • Boost your energy levels, create headspace and reduce stress

How to approach this series:

  • 3 weights workouts 25-35 minutes long
  • Complete each workout and move onto the next in rotation
  • If you are doing two days of weights classes in a row, take a rest day or take a Pilates class on the 3rd day
  • After 4 - 6 weeks of this series, measure your progress and up your weights or increase your sets


  • Set of Dumbells (Light and Heavy) - or large bottles of water ( weight of dumbbell will depend on your starting strength levels)
  • Resistance Band
  • Block or a cushion



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