Barre Tone + Sculpt – The Series

Barre Tone + Sculpt – The Series online

Barre Tone + Sculpt – The Series


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Cushion/ BlockWeights /

Bottles of water/ Cans of food

Core sliders/ Socks

This 28-day month-long series will dramatically transform your body and your practice in less than one month. The Barre Practice will help you create the habit of stepping onto your mat every day and will tone and sculpt your entire body with challenging barre-inspired workouts.

By holding, pulsing and stretching and strengthening we will elongate, lift and reshape multiple muscle groups including your arms, abs, thighs, calves, and abdominals. You will feel that barre burn and activate muscles you never worked before! In addition to building long, lean muscles, you’ll also increase endurance as well as improve your mind/body connection by bringing a newfound awareness to your Pilates routine.

Over the course of one month I will guide you through five 35 - 40 minute videos with two rest days per week. Rest days are important for muscle recovery and in the final two weeks add weights to your barre workouts, to increase your resistance and strength. Each class gets progressively harder, and as we revisit the workouts you will continue to build your strength, endurance and balance while challenging yourself and having a lot of fun. On your rest days, you will work on your mobility and muscle recovery. Set the time aside for you and your training, to set your barre workout goals, and see results week after week.

 After the Barre Strong series, you will feel stronger, more aligned, and more confident with your practice on the mat. In this series you will:

  • Challenge and Build your strength and endurance
  • Mobilise the hips and shoulders
  • Condition your core muscles
  • Learn proper form and Barre training technique
  • Stretch, lengthen and stretch the body



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