15 minute Recovery Session

15 minute Recovery Session online

15 minute Recovery Session


About The Program

 Equipment - a cushion/ a block  

The ultimate full body recovery and release session, for anyone who needs to decompress and release tight muscles and joints. Ideal for athletes,  runners, cyclists, GAA players, weight lifters and anyone post training/ workout. 

This is also a great release session for anyone who is feeling tight and stiff in the body especially if you are working from home. Take this time to really release tension in the body and try and do this session a few times a week. Grab a cushion and click play on your favourite “Corestatehq” Spotify playlist and enjoy this rest day class, you deserve it.  I

n this class you will:

- Improve your joint health and range of motion 

- Prevent injury 

- Optimise your recovery time

- Loosen up and rejuvenate tight hips, necks, spines and shoulders



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