Nfl Jerseys Opportunities For everyone

Nfl Jerseys Opportunities For everyone

Nfl Jerseys Opportunities For everyone

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Jarryd Hayne is going to return to the game.

San Francisco 49 people announced on Saturday that they will promote the Heynard cheap jerseys from china the training team to the big list.

The sea of ​​Australian rugby star was not out of the field since the sixth week. He was cut off on October 31 and he was checked into the team training group after no team took over.

The Seain said this month indicated that he was more confident in his own technology after training group. When the famous list of this season, Heynnor mainly played in the special group. In the preseason, the big running guard in the open area is impressive. But after the beginning of the regular season, his performance was not ideal, as a discard kicked back, he had three times to drop the ball & mdash; & mdash; including his first abandoning in the first battle of the season.

It is not yet clear what the role will play after returning. He may reconnect the kickback work from Bruce Elington, which is poor, Bruce Elington.

Since 49 people have been invaded by injuries, the Heynnin may also serve as a run. The team has determined Shaun Draughn to absent the game of the scene to the Detroit Lion. Before Huain entered the big list, they only were responsible for the short-code number of Wusha, cheap nfl jerseys from china Kels Gaskins and recently signed Duwang-Harris (Dujuan Harris) can serve as running guards. 49 people have reimbursed Carlos Hyde (Fas), Legie Bush (Knewa) (Mike Davis) (Herbat) & MDSH ; & mdash; Davis can return cheap nfl jerseys from china the short-term injury reserve list in the seventeenth week.