Meet Audrey O Connor (Audspilates) founder of CoreState. I believe that movement is medicine, and when you move better, you feel and live better. I know from first hand experience that Pilates can make permanent and long lasting changes to your body, mindset, and lifestyle. After a successful career as a Quantity Surveyor working in the Construction Industry, I knew it was time for a change. While living in Toronto and working everyday with a lumbar spine injury, back pain soon became my new normal. My busy lifestyle and work schedule began taking a toll on my body, so I started taking Pilates classes. I then discovered the life changing positive effects that Pilates had on my body and my overall health. I hung up my construction boots and began taking a deep dive into the science of movement, physiology, anatomy, and fitness. Throughout the past 8 years of Pilates, Personal training, and Sports therapy, I have trained and rehabilitated hundreds of people on their health, wellness, injury rehabilitation, and fitness journeys.

I am a fully comprehensively qualified Pilates instructor from the world renowned Polestar Pilates, and a Yoga & Aerial teacher. I am also a Barre instructor, an anatomy and physiology nerd, and avid explorer having travelled from London, to Bali, to Los Angeles to enrol in Teacher Training Qualifications with the best educators in the world.

The science of movement and mobility is one of my passions, and this is evident in every session I teach. I adore teaching and want you to move and feel better, and to see and feel the results of your Pilates routine. The fundamental principles of Pilates are the foundation of every CoreState class, ensuring that the essentials are right and that you are breathing efficiently and building body awareness.

The intention is to create an inclusive environment where students can feel free to move and explore their potential on the mat, at any level or stage in life. My passion for pilates shines through in every class I teach with classes being energetic, fun, creative, and challenging. I always feel like exercise should not be a chore, and should be something you look forward to in your everyday life. I encourage students to discover the benefits of their Pilates practice that goes way beyond the physical practice on the mat. As a Dingle native, I am always outdoors walking, running and sea swimming and Pilates has definitely been an incredible supplement to my active lifestyle. My beloved cat Meowsles often makes a cameo in my live classes too, so keep your eyes peeled for her flying past the screen, or wrestling with my pilates equipment.